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Bot Patrol 1:

  Episode 1.  November 2000.

Close Ups: Box A  Box B  Box C

The bot that painted this series was somehow programmed with memories of the old television series Rat Patrol, which depicted four OSS soldiers that rode around in jeeps in North Africa destroying the Nazis in World War 2.  The Ministry has decided that the artist took way too much liberty in depicting carnage on Box C, and would like to apologize for any misconstrued ideas you may have got from that particular box.  The offending bot has been 'retired'.  The Ministry would like you to know that the bots on the third box are actually quite fine, and just about to finish off the enemy.

The paintings are on 7.62mm Ammunition boxes, and this set is SOLD!

Bot Patrol 2:

  Episode 2. December 2000.

Close Ups: Box A Box B Box C Box D

An Earth-mart artist depicts the daily life and sacrifices of the bots serving in the armed forces in the latest installment of the "Bot Patrol" ammunition box series.

The paintings are on 7.62mm Ammunition boxes. SOLD. In the private collection of Kevin Freitas. (

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