Planet Artist and The Face of the 'New Enemy'

Digital uplink images from SC#187p's (Science Craft #187p) information gathering expedition of the planet Artist have finally come through the Assimilated Press.  Thankfully we get to see how our hard earned tax wages are spent for the good and enlightenment of the worker hive.  Unfortunately High-Command's edict on censoring the imagery is still in effect until the craft returns and all it's findings can be analyzed.  These are the few images that passed the government's Image Approval Board.  

Warning: These images of color and individuality can be shocking for the common mind of the worker bot.  Turn off your emotion sensors, and turn on your idea filters, because preliminary reports on the effects of the Artists are that they can cause dangerous independent action and opinions if absorbed.  Remember...a blank gray mind is a happy mind.

Click on the images for closer views.

"Artist Egg". 3D sculpture on mirrored hanging stand.

Full size photo of "Artist" Egg forming as it does in an "Artist" nest. SOLD.

Found on Planet Artist, this is Earth-mart's first glimpse of the alien lifeforms 'eggs'.

Specimen, July 2001. (In the collection of Bill Pierce of

Images of the sciene field units searching for lifeforms on Planet Artist and coming across a sample "Artist" egg. 18X24".

Sample of Artist creature newly hatching from egg. 6/29/03. SOLD.


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