Planet Artist Expedition Update

"Battle of Little Bighorn". Earth-Mart vs. the Homo-Colorid of Planet Artist.

Investigating The Spellcasters of Planet Artist. For Sale. Each $50.

Afternoon Chow at the Roach Coach, January 2002. For Sale $300.

Earth-mart Expeditionary forces take a break from cleaning work in the blue mountains of Kystazrargh of Planet Artist. Main armored units and prison camp experts are en-route to the planet in response to the violent insurrection of some tribes of indigenous creatures. Expeditionary forces are working at eliminating the immediate threats to the initial mining colony on Artist. Other mines will not face the same threats as Ambassador Bot #3405D declared Arist a 'commerce zone' and will proceed with removing most of the 'dangerous' species from the intended mining areas of the planet.

SC#187p's bridge. For Sale $30.

The Bridge of SC#187P, 2000.  Pen on Bristol board. Happy Bots of 187P are on their way homeward from the discovery and inspection of Planet Artist. Findings from the expedition will be presented at a show in the near future.

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