Space Dirt(TM): An Earth-Mart Every-Bot Product

One of the first commodities that Earth-Mart scientists found on Planet Artist was its "dirt". The soil is multicolored all across the planet, and immediately caught the eyes of prospectors as a valuable decorative product for Earth-Mart consumption. Harvesting began immediately with the rudimentary mining devices on board Science Vessel #187B, and calls went out to all available mining barges in the corporation's fleet. Now images of the harvest are available as well as actual samples of Space Dirt. Samples are available in 4X4" glass boxes, and various bottles. Click on the image to see a closer version of the product.

(The canvases were originally started as a vent to my subconcious. The building next door to mine was under contstruction and for over a year, I had to listen to constant hammering, cutting, slamming, and drilling starting every morning at 7 AM. The inital series was called "They Start Every Morning At 7 AM". The next series of canvases was called "They Still Start Every Morning at 7 AM". The actual Space Dirt samples were a natural extension of the concept. The samples are NOT EDIBLE, and must be kept away from children.)

All of these have been SOLD.

Click on the image to see actual Space Dirt(TM) samples. $20/each in boxes and normal size bottles. $30/each in fancy bottles.. E:mail to purchase, or for more information.

Space Dirt Ammo Boxes:

SOLD For Sale

For Sale

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