Poor Al's List of Successful Operations:

Service States United Postal, group show at Alpha Cult, Long Beach, CA. (June 9th-July 11th, 2007)

Collabro, group show curated by Poor Al and Tristan Eaton at The Showroom. NYC, NY. (June 9th-June 16th, 2007)

Cool Cat Gallery Grand Opening, group show. Sacramento, CA. (April 9th-March 1st, 2007)

I Hate Traffic! solo show at Monkeyhouse Toys, LA, CA. (April 9th-16th 2007)

The Hive. 2 Year Anniversary, group show. LA, CA. (April 9th-30th 2007)

Underdogs, group show curated by Poor Al at Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento, CA. (January 19th- February 10th 2007)

I’m Very Disappointed With Your Behavior, group show at Fish Out of Water, San Diego, CA. (January 13th-February 5th, 2007)

Twinklepie, group show at Magpie Gallery. San Diego, CA. (December 16th, 2006- January 29th, 2007)

Winterwonderland, Xmas ornament group show at Project. Culver City, CA. (December 9th-23rd, 2006)

Fish Out of Water, grand opening group show. San Diego, CA. (December 9th, 2006- January 7th, 2007)

Fourplay, 4-person at Las Vegas Arts Factory. Las Vegas, NV. (December 1st- December 31st, 2006)

Delicious Vinyl, custom toy show at Monkeyhouse Toys, LA (November 11th-November 30th, 2006)

It Came From Beyond The Stars, group show at Monkeyhouse Toys, LA (October 14th-October 31st, 2006)

Complaint Box, group show at Voice 1156, San Diego, CA (October 6th- 27th, 2006)

Humeurs Exposition, group show at West LA College, CA (October 3rd- November 2nd, 2006)

Coulorophobia, group show at Art of Framing, San Diego, CA (September 29th- October 31st, 2006)

Collabro, (a group show curated by Poor Al) Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA (September 1st- October 15th, 2006)

This Side Up, group show at Alter Ego, Fullerton, CA (July 15th to August 27th, 2006)

From Blueprint to Completion, Solo show at Planet Rooth (Ray at Night), San Diego, CA. (June 10th-August 5th, 2006)

Collabro, (a group show curated by Poor Al), Subject Matter Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA. (May 20th-June 24th, 2006)

The Ice Cream Show, group show at NRKY Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. (April 1st, 2006)

Triclops, 3-person show with Robert Bowen and Alex Pardee. Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento, CA. (February 17th-March 11th, 2006)

North West Yoga Show, solo show at The Mark. Olympia, WA (February 9th-April 20th, 2006)

Lovely Abominations, group show at Thinkspace. Hollywood, CA. (December 9th, 2005-January 9th, 2006)

Vivisect Playset (Round 2), group show at Gallery 1988. Hollywood, CA. (December 1st-23rd, 2005)

Small Works 3: Beyond Thunderdome, group show at Walled City Gallery. San Pedro, CA. (December 1st-17th, 2005)

SCAEP Auction, Planet Rooth. San Diego, CA. (November 12th and November 18th, 2005)

C-Note, group show at Limbo. San Diego, CA (November 12th-20th, 2005)

Sex, Murder and Mayhem, group show at Morena Dive Bar. San Diego, CA. (October 2005)

Program to Fall. Poor Al solo show at Urban Grind. San Diego, CA (September 16th-October 16th, 2005)

Outbreak group show at Toyroom Gallery. Sacramento, CA. (September 16th, 2005)

Cannibal Flower 5th Anniversary Show, at Hanger 1018. LA, CA (August 27th, 2005)

Steel Bloom. Poor Al solo show at Kutting Room. Santa Monica, CA (August 20th, 2005)

13-Wheeler group show at Workhorse Studios. LA (August 13th, 2005)

The Hive Collective Group Show, Downtown LA (August 6th, 2005)

Drawn and Quartered (Alex Pardee, Chris Coggan, Robert Bowen and Poor Al) at Subject Matter, Costa Mesa CA (July 23rd-August 16th, 2005)

The Celebrity 'Subculture' Art Exhibit at THM Gallery, San Pedro, CA (June 25th, 2005- July 16th, 2005)

Gathering My Thoughts: A Retrospective of 6 Years of Poor Al Art at Korova, San Diego, CA (April 23rd, 2005)

A Time to Pause (The Program), solo show at Walled City Gallery, San Pedro (LA) (April 16th, 2005)

Black and Blue, group show at Bluespace, Hollywood. (March 5th, 2005).

My Magical Mechanical Garden, solo show at Salon Crew, Costa Mesa, CA. (February, 2005)

Toygasm, group show at Bluespace, Hollywood. (December 18th, 2004.)

Evillusion, (group show curated by Poor Al at Brick by Brick), San Diego (November 26th, 2004)

My Magical Mechanical Garden, solo show at Cafe on Park, San Diego (October 15th-November 30th, 2004)

My Hero, conceptual group show at DV8 Lounge in Vancouver, Canada. (October 1st-November 1st, 2004)

In Lingerie, The Lollipop Girls Burlesque show (group show curated Poor Al), Brick by Brick, San Diego. (October 7th, 2004)

Art Throb (Curated by Poor Al), Blue Space, Hollywood (Sept. 11th, 2004)

Machine Gun In The Clown's Hand group show, Limbo gallery, San Diego (August 2004)

The DL (with Jointz), The Derby, LA (July 10th, 2004)

Sneaker Pimps, Inshalah Gallery, LA (July 2nd, 2004. Also touring around the world. Japan, NYC, Europe)

Up Our Sleeves, Inshalah Gallery, LA (June 19th, 2004. Also touring around the world. Japan, Europe, NYC)

My Magical Mechanical Garden, DV8 Lounge, Vancouver , BC Canada. (June 1st through June 30th, 2004)

Graffite (Pencil works show), Crewest Gallery, East LA (June 12th through July 26th, 2004)

Workhorse Collective, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA. (April 3rd through April 30th, 2004)

Pop Rocks (Radioactive Future Group), Planet Rooth, San Diego (March 13th-April 5th, 2004)

Spray Mardigras group show, Buddha's Breath, San Diego (February 24th) (Curated by Poor Al)

Dress Up (Group Show) at Star Shoes, Hollywood CA (February 4th through 28th)

Overnight Sensations; Radioactive Future group; Ice Gallery, San Diego (January 17th-18th, 2004)

Bridges (club and group show); The Knitting Factory, LA (January 10th, 2004)

What's Your 20? Group show ; Impero Gallery, San Diego (December 20th , 2003 to January 25th, 2004)

Pristine Condition, Radioactive Future group; Current Affairs Bookstore, SD (December 6th, 2003)

Poor Al and Surge vs. 1000 Robots!!!!!, Off The Tracks Café, San Diego (December 2003-January 2004)

Small Works group show; The Muse, SD (November 8th through December 28th, 2003)

Metronome group show; The Vine, LA (October 25th , 2003)

Garden, Create Fixate Benefit show; Space Project, LA (October 23rd , 2003)

Understood group show (Sk8 decks for The Storefront ), Cassius King, San Diego (October 10th and 11th, 2003)

Jointz Party- August Summer Series. (Live Painting); The Mayan, LA (August 21st, 2003)

Ya Baby (Live Painting with Meex); House of Blues Anaheim (August 9th, 2003)

Create Fixate group show (Display and Live Painting); Beverly Hills (August 2nd, 2003)

Jointz Party- July Summer Series. (Live Painting); The Mayan, LA (July 17th, 2003)

Crewest, 1 year anniversary show; Crewest Store, LA (May 24th through June 29th, 2003)

Bomb-Pop group show; C-Pop, Detroit (May 3rd through June 1st)

Robots Have Feelings Too group show; Culture Cache gallery, San Francisco (April 5th though May 18th, 2003)

Poor Al and Mars at Anno Domini, San Jose (April 4th to April 25th, 2003)

Invaders From The North group show, The Muse, SD (Mar 8th-Apr, 2003)

Cannibal Flower group show, LA (All of them, February through November, 2003)

Resident artist at Eagle's Coffee Shop, North Hollywood (Feb 2003 through June 2003)

Hardcore Intensity group show, The Muse SD (Feb 8th-March, 2003)

Resolutions group show, Melrose Lightspace, Hollywood (Jan 4th, 2003)

Namenlosen group show, Anno Domini, San Jose (Dec 5th, 2002)

Tumbleweed's & Tequila group show, Hollywood Canteen (Dec 4th, 2002)

Abstract Reality group show, ICU Foundation, LA (Nov-Dec 2002)

Human Wreckage group show, Gallery Now, San Diego. (Nov 2002)

Tired and Dirty group show, Hollywood Canteen (November 6th)

Fusion with Craola, Boardner's, Hollywood (Sept 26th, 2002)

Soup Kitchen group show, Hollywood Canteen (Sept 25th, 2002)

Cannibal Flower group show, LA (Sept, Nov, Dec 2002)

Canceptual group show, Crewest store, East LA (August 31st, 2002)

Poor Al-ize at the Hollywood Canteen, August 13th, 2002.

Desperate Measures (Radioactive Future), Caffiends, San Diego, August 3rd, 2002

Added Power (Radioactive Future), The Farm, San Diego, July 26-Aug 2nd, 2002 (Link to photos of the show)

Art Bar at Boardner's, Hollywood. July 11th, 2002 (With Mear/Split)

Poor Al at the Emerald Lounge, Phoenix (AZ). July 5th, 2002. (with those nitty gritty desert peoples)

Poor Al at Thoughtcrime, Phoenix (AZ). June 21st to July 7th, 2002.

Industrial Strength (RF), Spruce St. Forum, San Diego, April 20th-May 25th 2002.

Urban Art 2002, ICU Foundation, Los Angeles, March 2002.

Overture 2002, ICU Foundation, Los Angeles, February 2002.

Harmful Side Effects (Radioactive Future) at The ARC, Santa Ana (CA), January 2001.

Bah-hum-bug, San Diego, December 17th-January, 2001

Namenlosen at Anno Domini, San Jose (CA), December 8th 2001

Subway Series, Riverside (CA), November 16-29 2001

Funerals of Distinction at Ducky Waddles, Solana Beach (CA), October 2001

Time is Tight, San Diego, August-September 2001

The Truth Show, San Diego, July 2001

Fist of Commerce Show, INRNRG, San Diego, June 2001

Radioactive Future Group Show, The ARC, Santa Ana, March 2001

AZNYC Gallery, Scottsdale (AZ), March 2001

All Entries, Grand Central Art Building, February 2001

Fist of Commerce Show, Costa Mesa (CA), February 16-May 1, 2001

Modest Behavior 2, San Diego; December 15-16, 2000

Poor Al: Talking Loudly and Carrying a Very Big Stick, Orange County, Dec 2000

Guernsey's Graffiti Art Auction, New York; June 14-15, 2000

Modest Behavior, San Diego; June 3-4, 2000

Going Postal, Philly; Spring/Summer, 1999

Mella Pillar Silcox, San Diego; April 24-25, 1999

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