copyright 2004.  poor al.

Dance of the Seven Electro-Bees

The robots programmed their mechanical insects to perform 'natural' behaviors as they imagined them to in 'real' gardens. These seven Electro-Bees leave their mechanical roost every hour on the hour, and do a series of flights around their assigned mechanical bush. The 'dance' as it's called is actually very beautiful, and programming errors cause some random flight patterns. (although not intentional, the garden keepers thought this to be interesting so they kept the errors as a 'feature') The robots created 7 bees because it used to be said that 7 was a lucky #. (During the superstitious human era. To the dismay of robot kind, some human thoughts/concepts crept into their programming never to be erased. The #13 being unlucky is another example of this in Earth-mart programming)

10X48", Acrylic on canvas. June 1st, 2004. SOLD


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