copyright 2004.  poor al.

My Magical Mechanical Garden

All of these paintings were created in Vancouver, Canada from the 26th of May through the 3rd of June. (A little more than a week).

The Basic concept behind the show was to convey my current feelings on our 'pre-made' mechanical society. I grew up in Southern California near Disneyland, and I was deeply affected by the animatronic animals and plants. I noticed a few years ago that cellular companies built towers along the freeways that look like 'palm trees'. They usually don't blend in very well, and don't work very well at camoflauging what they really are. The Magical Mechanical Garden is also a commentary on the lack of patience most of society exhibits these days. People want the beauty of a garden, but they aren't willing to work and wait as long as it takes to grow a real one. The robots of Earthmart fall in love, perform yoga, and build flowers in the garden, but they fail to grasp all of the spiritual elements of a real garden. My primary influence for the plants in the garden were from the streets of Vancouver and my own garden in my backyard.

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