copyright 2004.  poor al.

They Fell in Love Under the Hoopa Mech Tree

Robots in Earthmart are programmed with typical male/female responses. (The new line of 'female bots' introduced in 2004, introduced many emotional and social dynamics that Earthmart's bots weren't ready to deal with.) Here's a pair of robots 'falling in love' below a tree on a swing bench. The programming for 'falling in love' involves the male bot wanting to 'interface' with the female bot constantly (as he's programmed to do), and the female bot wanting to acquire more 'stuff' (as she's programmed to). This experiment is interesting because the male bot is programmed with the drive for 'stuff' also, but only changes his behavior for 'interfacing' if a female is involved. (and will give her 'his stuff' just to interface. This is counter to the Earth-mart dogma, and the female bots may be 'phased out' in the not to distant future.)

12X12", acrylic on canvas. May 30th, 2004. SOLD

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