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Rat-Powered Rocket-Pulling Vehicle #117B:  SOLD

(in the collection of AZ/NY Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.)

This canvas was sold at the Guernsey's Auction in New York City, June, 2000.

14x18 Acrylic on Canvas, 1999

The Rat Powered Rocket Pulling Vehicle was a failed design of the tank R&D department.  The Science Bots in charge of the project calculated a savings of 1 gallon per tank of gas if the tanks were additionally powered by a rat on a tread wheel.  The Science Bots forgot to figure in the environmental effects of sustained biological warfare and ozone depletion on the rats, so when they deployed the tanks after production, all 80,000 rats died instantly upon exiting the factories.  Lucky for Earth-mart, the rat populations are healthier than almost any other living population on the planet other than roaches.  


The Sciene Bots involved in the creation of this vehicle were demoted to positions developing more effective wheat paste mixtures for the Ministry of Public Information's Fist of Commerce Poster Campaign. (which basically involves conducting a yearly study determines that wheat pasting is still in fact the most effective application of a poster to a flat surface)

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