copyright 2003-2004.  poor al.


All of these paintings were done live at events in Los Angeles. They are at a larger scale than my previous paintings, because they were done live.

Click on the image to see a close up and get more info.

The One That Might Escape. JOINTZ SUMMER SERIES at The Mayan. July 2003.

Unusually Scared for a Bot. Create Fixate, August 2003.

The Great Push of 2040. JOINTZ SUMMER SERIES 2 at The Mayan. August 2003.

Ego (Live with Meex) at Yah Baby! House of Blues, August 2003.

Circle of Violence. Garden: Create Fixate Benefit, October 2003.

Color Barrage: at Overnight Sensations, January 2004.

Most of these pieces are for sale. Contact Poor Al for more information or for booking live painting.

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